F U T U R E R I T Y 2

Hello and welcome to my Shopify shop.....

My name is Mell and I am a designer.

I was always in Iove with everything creative. From a very young age, I have had a passion for designing, creating and making things that are unique and one of the kind.

After graduating with a degree in fashion and graphic design in London, I worked in high fashion for many years and took on various roles including designer, buyer, photographer, retail manager and customer services co-ordinator. My experiences have driven me to create my own pieces which are focused on quality design and beautiful fabrics.

Every collection is designed and lovingly hand-finished in-house. Travelling gives me endless inspiration; I combine the colours and images seen from my wandering and imagination,from this, I create my unique and quirky prints.
Each item in my shop is then carefully handmade by me and my elder sister Joanna.

F U T U R E R I T Y 2 are a small family business.We strive to create something wonderful from each time. Our collections range from T-shirts and bags, to scarves and fashion accessories. With many projects being prepared for future the future, we hope you will keep revisiting our site !

The strong team behind our shop:
Mell (me) - responsible for creating design images, photography, packaging and shipping.
Joanna - my elder sister, who is a seamstresses and experienced sample maker, is responsible for all the sewing and cutting.
Alex - my elder brother who fully responsible in digital printing DTG.

We take pride in our work and are dedicated to deliver the best service possible.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you like our collection. :)))

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